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The Community Guide to Helping America’s Youth helps caring adults connect with the youth in their families, schools and communities. It encourages Americans to make an even bigger difference by forming partnerships to implement programs that have been proven to help youth.  This web-based guide is available at Community for Managers


  • The Community Guide includes examples of how individuals can “Get Connected” with youth in families, schools and communities.
  • The Community Guide includes a Community Assessment Guide that offers communities a step-by-step approach for learning more about their community, including where youth-related problems occur, which youth and families are most affected by those problems, and what local resources and assets the community can use to address those problems.
  • The Community Guide includes a Community Resource Inventory with which localities can use to identify and track partners and programs that are already at work in their community.
  • The Community Guide includes a Program Tool that provides information about promising and proven effective interventions to prevent adolescent risky behaviors and promote positive youth development.


The Community Guide to Helping America’s Youth Reflects the Most Up-to-Date Research on Youth Development and Effective Programs.  A coalition of experts from Health and Human Services, Justice, Education, Agriculture, Labor, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development; the National Drug Control Policy; and the Corporation for National and Community Service developed the guide.